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It depends on the state you live in. The low THC strain ie, CBD has no limits under the "Cole Act" of 2012.

#1 genetics, #2 you can keep them in the vegetative cycle for long as you want, then when you decrease the amount of light that will trigger the flowering cycle.

Yes, with the correct lights and a high volume "air change rate" and 60-70 F ambient air temperature. The optimal lights for the vegetative cycle are in the purple range, usually fluorescents. It's vital that your grow room has fresh air coming in and means to exhaust the stale air.

Yes, many states allow a person to grow their medicine. Colorado, for example, allows a person to grow 6 plants. Laws vary per state, check with your local county for specific regulations.

No, our strain is disease-resistant, cold-resistant, and drought-resistant.

Recommended soil for planting:
--¼ bushel sphagnum peat moss,
--¼ bushel aged ground pine mulch,
--¼ bushel vermiculite No. 2, 
--¼ crushed perlite (medium-fine), 
--8 tbsp calcium carbonate (food grade),
--3 tbsp 10-10-10 fertilizer,
--1 tbsp iron sulfate, and
--1 tbsp potassium nitrate.

If using a premix, make sure it does not contain dolomitic lime. If the mix is good for tomatoes, it will be fine with cannabis.

It depends on the length of the growing season and how long you keep them in the vegetative cycle. We pre-start our plants, indoor in the middle of March.

The girls don't require a lot of water. The plants need to dry out between watering.

We don't. We allow the plants to shed older leaves on their own. Pruning your plants does expose them to bacteria and mold. Should you want to prune, I suggest you burn sage at the time of pruning.

We use fluorescent grow bulbs in the purple color spectrum. This is the correct color for vegetative growth.

16-18 hours for the vegetative cycle, when you reduce the amount of light the reproductive cycle will produce flowers.