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K’s Rx White Dream 3

3%-5% THC

  • 1/2 White Kush (Indica)
  • 1/2 Purple Haze (Sativa)

The strain represents a strong immune system. In six generations there has been only one hermaphroditic plant. This strain has high resin levels and is frost resistant, in fact, the strain if allowed to freeze a couple of times will produce even more lipids, (oils). This is a high altitude strain developed at 7,300 feet above sea level. This low THC level is more medical vs. recreational. K’s RX White Dream 3 will not get you high, it’s more medical.

Purchase Seeds

Seeds are $.50 a seed. Payments are accepted through Venmo. Include “K’s Rx White Dream 3 and the # of seeds” in the description.

Include $2.00 for Standard Shipping or $10.00 for Priority Shipping.

In 2019, there were 28 volunteers, one being a male which was cross-pollinated and it was White Kush dominate. We get about a 95% germination rate, which will vary on conditions. The strain has averaged 20-25% males, this number can change with conditions. The testing data reflects the 2019 crop only, the values will remain somewhat constant if all males are removed. Conversely intercrossing with lower THC values will yield more of a CBD type plant.

White Kush is referred to as a “creeper” meaning it takes about 10 to kick in. It is a bronchial dilator due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This strain is very effective in treating chronic pain and anxiety. Overdosing induces sleep, mild vertigo, and increased salivation. This strain will increase your appetite.

Purple Haze is a powerful Sativa that stimulates the body.  In some cases, Purple Haze can cause dry mouth and can increase appetite.

So why would I choose to mix the White Kush and Purple Haze? The White Kush is a very powerful strain that can take you to a dream state, generally to be used at night. The sedative and pain-relieving properties are the dominant traits. The Purple Haze, on the other hand, is a powerful Sativa that stimulates the body. The combination has yielded the best of both strains, resulting in deep breathing and reducing anxiety with the stimulative body vibration…so you can do stuff.

Typically flowering between 8-10 weeks, which varies based on how long they are grown in the vegetative cycle.  This disease-resistant strain is good for both indoor and outdoor grows.

Testing is done at The Good Lab in Colorado Springs, CO.